Pages of an Adventure in The Way Back

by Alain Wolter

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    GRACKONKRANPATL is a creation built up over a drum recording by Madjid Khaladj, from two different takes. Since the drummer didn’t approve the use of his performance, and that I, Alain Wolter, feel that the resulting composition is a living one, and that it is part of the work PAGES OF AN ADVENTURE IN THE WAY BACK, I decide to give it for free to all those who buy the whole recording work. For this, you should contact me at after buying the whole work, and I will send it to you personally through dropbox, wetransfer or mail, totally free, as said. And the music can be enjoyed.
    I will also send you by mail the complete art work for printing cd cover.
    GRACKONKRANPATL es una creación construida sobre una grabación de percusión de Madjid Khaladj, de dos tomas diferentes. Dado que el percusionista no ha querido ceder su aprobación para el uso de su interpretación, y que yo, Alain Wolter, siento que la composición resultante tiene vida, y que forma parte de la obra PAGES OF AN ADVENTURE IN THE WAY BACK, decido cederla de forma gratuita a quienes adquieran el resto de la obra. Para ello debéis contactarme en mi correos después de comprar esta obra, y os la enviaré personalmente, a través de dropbox, wetransfer o mail, como dije, de forma totalmente gratuita. Y la música puede ser disfrutada.
    Enviaré también el libreto completo de portada de cd.
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This album covers a period of seven years of magical moments, afternoons and days dedicated to enter into the space where sound, rhythm, measures, techniques, feelings, ideas and love blend to give way to musical experience. No stylistic bounds or fidelities save my own limitations.

My main instrument is the touch guitar, or diapasón as I call it in Spanish. I currently play the 8 strings Touch Guitar U8.

This whole process have been nourished by the several groups and projects in which I have been playing and still do, with many friends all around the world. So this is an eclectic álbum, powerfull and… you tell.

Pages of an adventure in The Way Back
is falling down to the centre,
it is the cell calling itself back,
leaving behind all that is ex.

Is a vast projection of worlds inside worlds,
places travelling in circles
or unfolding in spirals,
leaving behind all that is ex.

Do not call me, because I am not,
I may not know what,
and I may not ask why,
because I am leaving behind all that is ex.

2007 - 2014


released October 23, 2014

Alain Wolter: Warr guitar, Touch guitar, diapasón, artsonicst, synthethizers, programming, recording, editing, mixing, mastering

Jorge Vera: snare on Shikasta and Universe Crossing

Alejandro Urilá: voice, harmonium and programming on Golden Age, didgeridoo on Grackonkranpatl / synthethizers, voice and programming on Dare Shammat / guitar manipulation on Fe

Lucía Piñero: voices on Angels of Beleriand

Paula Piñero: piano on Delightfulness; written by Paula Piñero & Alain Wolter




Alain Wolter Málaga, Spain

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